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The aim of the joint project Stories of Coastal Norway is to present the cultural-historical setting for the fisheries and fish-farming industries, seafaring, coastal management, and maritime infrastructure, as well as other industries in the coastal zone, and thereby at the same time for the growth of coastal communities and the nation of Norway.

The project’s intention is to contribute to increased knowledge about, and interest and involvement in, the cultural history of the coast and its cultural heritage. The project is a follow-up of a joint action plan for coastal culture initiated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, the Ministry of the Environment, and the (then) Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs. The Ministry of Fisheries, the main office of the Coastal Administration, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, and the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority have the main responsibility for carrying out the project.

It has resulted in cooperation between the following three museums’ networks along the coast: that for Maritime Infrastructure, coordinated by the Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum; the network for Fisheries and Coastal Culture coordinated by Museum Vest (Bergen), and the network for Maritime Museums coordinated by the Norwegian Maritime Museum (Oslo). Additional contributors will gradually be added. Photo back cover: Per Eide Studio/Norwegian Seafood Export Council
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